Empowering Dental Excellence:

Revolutionizing Patient Care with Advanced Practice Management Solutions.

Designed to assist dental clinics, and medical facilities providing oral care in maintaining all aspects of hospital information with ease, Sanela introduces its Dental Clinic Software to the world of dental care.

Developed by one of the leading healthcare technology company, Sanela Dental Clinic Software is one of the most efficient Dental Practice Management Software Systems available in the market today, the software allows one-stop access to your facility’s requirements and processes. 

This ranges from handling staff information, equipment, invoices, appointments, patient data, billing, to other operational details.

With Sanela Dental Software, Dentists, hygienists and dental surgeons can now deliver high-quality oral care by scheduling, recording and tracking all events and observations related to the treatment. The same dental management software can further be used to consolidate laboratory work, para orthodontic care, follow up care and record results for the same in a hassle-free efficient manner.

Provide the best experience to your Patients through Sanela Dental Clinic Software

Sanela Dental Practice Management System will help hospitals to maintain Patient’s EHR (Electronic Health Record). From registering new patients to seamless billing, Sanela Dental Clinic Software allows for efficient patient services management.


The intuitive User interface of Sanela Dental Clinic Management System enables the patient registration process smooth and fast


Every patient is provided with a unique patient id. Patients can update their personal information as and when required. Both patients and Dentists will be able to access all of the patient’s dental history through Sanela Dental Software


Sanela Dental Software provides facility to book appointments in advance without any hassles. The system is flexible enough to modify or cancel the appointments as need arises. Also, the system has special feature to send reminder to patients before so that the consultation is not missed out


Sanela Dental Software enables dentists to prescribe electronically and patient can access the electronic prescriptions from anywhere. Also, the integration with pharmacy will enable smooth, faster and correct delivery of medicine


Most patients get dissatisfied with medical services rendered to them because they are unable to estimate the total cost of a procedure until they are billed for it. With Sanela Dental Clinic Software, you can make the costs for all dental procedures in your clinic transparent. Patients will be able to check cost estimates; insurance coverage estimates and other such details and be prepared for payments when booking appointments for consultations or procedures.


Important information can be continuously shared to the patients using Sanela Dental Clinic Software. Patients will be able to access the information through online patient portal.

Key Modules of Sanela Dental Clinic Software

The implementation of Dental Clinic Software in your oral care centre will enable ease of access and streamline the data of all operating departments in the clinic under a single entity. Some of the modules of operation that Sanela dental clinic management software helps your clinic manage efficiently are

Below listed are some of key modules of Sanela Dental Clinic Software

  • Account Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Care Management
  • Claims Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Account Management
  • Patient Management
  • Policy Management
  • Reports Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Laboratory, Radiology and Ward Management
  • Staff records and Human Resource Management

Important features of Sanela Dental Clinic Software

As caregivers of oral hygiene, orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, prosthodontists and allied specialists will find using Sanela Dental Practice Management Software a smart choice for consolidating Patient History, sending Prescriptions, accessing and lucidly explaining Lab Reports.
Sanela Dental Clinic Software is TAT enabled and links the caregivers in your facility to one of the most powerful Clinic Chain Software available.
Internal communication among dental care providers and technicians regarding treatment for the patient becomes more effective.
In addition, the facility’s finance, front office, and pharmacy unit can also use the Dental Clinic Management System for matters related to equipment, supply inventories, and the various expenses of the institution.

Dental Clinic Software - Key Features

Integration Of Barcodes

Integration Of Biometric Authorization

Token Based Treatment Facility

Integration With Image Capture Equipment

Accessibility Through Mobile

Editable Treatment Plans

Assistant Doctor Registration

Multi Location Accessibility

Create And Update Patient Education Material

Flexibility To Update Bills

Benefits of using Sanela Dental Clinic Software

Cost Optimization & Value For Money

Sanela Dental Software helps to optimize the manpower and also remove the inefficiencies. By enabling computerized bookkeeping of the inventories and expenses of the facility, Sanela Dental Software also reduces the cost inherent in physical stationery thus minimizing ancillary costs of the facility. Indeed, its ‘Value for Money’ in the true sense.

Reliable And Robust

Sanela Dental Practice Management System has been created using durable and robust technology. At the same time, the system is designed to be flexible and customizable.

Financial Visibility

Sanela Dental Clinic Management System provides the individual and aggregated financial transactions for better planning and forecast.

Data Security And Data Privacy

Sanela Dental Clinic Software gives highest importance to data security and data privacy. The robust architecture protects the data with highest level of security. Our team also supports to install the software either on private cloud or on premises depending on customer’s requirements.

Improves Organizational Efficiency

By bringing all operative matters of your facility under one entity, Sanela Dental Software helps to seamlessly integrate the complex interlinked functions of every part of the institution. Since the automated system can eliminate the manual intervention and enable the access of information anywhere anytime, the efficiency of the organization improves greatly.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

By providing each patient with a personalized experience of Clinic ’s services, Sanela Dental Clinic Software helps to improves patient satisfaction. With easy registration, flexible appointment system, access to health record from anywhere and transparent billing system, Patient will feel more empowered and comfortable.

Why Only Sanela Dental Clinic Software

  • Cost effective solution
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Versions available for both On Premise and Cloud
  • High priority towards Data security and Data Privacy
  • Easy to integrate with other systems and Devices
  • Excellent customer support
  • Flexibility for customization