Revolutionizing Patient Health Through Innovative Pharmacy Management Systems.

Whether you are a small single outlet pharmacy or a chain of stores processing thousands of daily orders, Sanela Pharmacy Software is designed to enable your pharmacy take a confident step forward in this direction. From processing and maintaining electronic prescriptions and claims to building up your pharmaceutical network, our software is 

specially tailored to streamline all the working needs of your pharmacy. Sanela Pharmacy Software is built with the the newest healthcare technology that will help you grow your business with maximum client satisfaction and build an industry-wide presence.

Features of Sanela Pharmacy Software


Sanela Pharmacy software allows easy recording and display of drug lists and their prices. It will help to compare pricing of drugs distributed by various vendors and avail of discounts and special rates as and when applicable. This centralized drug pricing list can easily accommodate new additions and alert out of stock items in your inventory.


One of the major management issues faced by Multi-Location owners is keeping an organized real time inventory record that functions across locations. With our software you can effectively manage and create real time inventory accounts of all locations as well as access particular location specifics individually.


Sanela Pharmacy software is conveniently equipped to process payments made using multiple modes. Our software can accept online payments made through direct transfer, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other available payment options.


Sanela Pharmacy software has the robust and flexible functionality to generate reports that are compliant with regulations set by the healthcare industry, PCI-DSS and other state/country rules and requirements. A unique financial account can be created for your business for the purpose of generating IT-ST Auditors Reports.


Sanela Pharmacy Software is GST compliant and it enables you to track taxes on your products or services in compliance with the GST regulations.


This helps your pharmacy to initiate hassle free return and replacement procedures with your suppliers. In addition the feature enables you to send in expiry notification to patients and customers who may have purchased the drug from your stores.


Sanela Pharmacy Software enables pre-scheduling for refilling stocks in the pharmacy, dispose expired or recalled drugs and replace items as and when required. Patients (if authorised) and doctors can schedule prescription refills using the same software.


With our software you can pre-program and send automated refill and pick up reminders to customers via SMS, In addition you may use it to send out periodic reminders and alerts for important vaccines, medicine expiry and payment notifications.


Sanela Pharmacy software marks the sales returns policy on eligible drugs and generates sales return authorization on the sale bill for clear management and implementation of your pharmacy's return policies.


Sanela Pharmacy software comes with a special feature of integrating with barcode scanners that can decode medicine barcodes for paperless record keeping.

Key Modules of Sanela Pharmacy Software

Sanela Pharmacy Store Management module performs all functions related to a pharmacy store effectively. It has the capability to perform the key functions to manage drug related activities, supplier related activities, and financial transactions related activities. Store management module also enables all store related reports that can be accessed anytime.

Below are the key sub modules of Sanela Store Management:

  • Setup Opening Balance
  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase management
  • Drug Management
  • Stock management
  • Accounting Management
  • Reports

Sanela Pharmacy’s Sale Management module has all required functions to management sales and purchase related activities effectively. The module is fully equipped to handle all transactions related to sales, purchases, assets, taxes and also returns. The reports can be customized as per the needs of your business.

Below are the key sub modules of Sanela Sale Management:

  • Asset tracking (Material Locations management)
  • Sales management
  • Manage Returns
  • State/Country wise Sales Tax Reports & Registers
  • Sales and Purchase reports

Benefits of using Sanela Pharmacy Software

Automated Pharmacy Sale Operations

You can save time and money by automating your pharmacy's sale operations using Sanela Pharmacy software. Not only does the software reduce paper work log, it also enables maximum productivity with minimum investment in manpower.

Real Time Tracking Of Inventory

By monitoring inventory in real time, this pharmacy software allows the pharmacy managers to efficiently keep track and restocking drugs as and when necessary. It minimizes the risks of unaccounted shrinkage and misplacement within the pharmacy which in turn enables keeping more accurate financial records of transactions.

Higher Customer Retentions

Clients who use our software have a higher customer retention rate because of our customer friendly services like automated SMS for medicine refilling, drug expiry reminders, paperless billing, and e-prescription facilities.

Instant Snapshot Of Real Time Reports

Our software makes keeping track of the various aspects of your business easy and time-efficient as you can summarize and extract relevant data onto your dashboard from longer detailed reports in real time. This particular feature becomes very effective when Sanela Pharmacy system is integrated with Hospital software or Dental clinic software.

Smooth And Structured Financial Management

Sanela Pharmacy software enables your pharmacy to maintain comprehensive financial data management with its convenient features of hassle free accounting and reports generation. You can track the functioning of one or multiple outlets of the pharmacy at the same time and customize financial statements as per requirement for effective business management.

Why Only Sanela Pharmacy Software

  • Cost effective Solution
  • Real time tracking of inventory
  • Real time tracking of cash flows
  • GST compliant
  • Compatible with mobile devices