Empowering Laboratory Excellence:

Advancing Patient Care with Cutting-Edge Laboratory Management Solutions.

Today’s laboratories require a high degree of electronic reliance and digitalization. A good laboratory information management system does more than simply acquire, analyze, and manage your data. It helps you run your operations seamlessly. If your facility requires handling of large batches of sample datasets, then your organization needs a powerful digital tool to help keep its workflow organized and well-managed.

Built using robust healthcare technologies, Sanela Lab Information Management System (LIMS) integrates many of the functions of a traditional patient-based laboratory management system. It handles patient data with a more holistic concentration on managing workflows across a laboratory set up, from sample tracking to results reporting.

Sanela for all Laboratories

Our system will help hospitals to maintain Patient’s EHR (Electronic Health Record). From registering new patients to seamless billing, Hospital Management Software allows for efficient patient services management.

Sanela LIMS Individual

Sanela LIMS Individual meant for independent laboratories. The software can be customized to suit the size of your facility. It can be effectively used for the management of both single laboratory and multi-location laboratory set-ups.

Sanela LIMS Franchise

Sanela LIMS Franchise is perfect software to manage your franchise network of laboratories. It provides umbrella view of all the activities across the franchises. Using Sanela LIMS Software, its very easy to transform the information between the franchises. Also, it enables the reporting at individual franchise level and also aggregated level.

Key Modules of Sanela LIMS Software

Complete patient management

Sanela LIMS Software allows every patient to have their own user account through which they can access their test results, billing information and history. Authorized persons like the doctors who have prescribed the tests will also have access to certain details recorded under a patient’s account. Not only can the patient have a paperless log of their test histories, the laboratory can also effectively use the information provided to automate communications about ready to collect reports, payment reminders etc. to the customers. Customer invoices can also be securely delivered through this module.

Below are the key functions of Patient Management module of Sanela LIMS Software:

  1. Patient Registration
  2. Patient Billing
  3. Automated Communications (SMS)

Sample management

Sanela LIMS Software can not only be used to meticulously record sample collection time, date and nature of tests required, it can also track sample retention dates and record if and when a sample has been disposed of. The software can be used for labelling and sorting sample by colour codes and barcodes. By mapping samples to the orders and creating templates from existing samples for new work, your laboratory’s work is streamlined more efficiently through our LIMS. Furthermore, the work progress on each sample can be tracked in real-time using Sanela LIMS Software.

Below are the key functions of Sample management module of LIMS Software

  • Sample Collection
  • Result Entry
  • Result Verify
  • Sample Types with Colour Codes
  • Wide Range of Barcode Labels
  • Real-Time Sample Tracking for Stakeholders
  • Sample Storage and Archival

Lab Inventory

Our Lab inventory module automates the management process of your laboratory’s inventory. The easy to use software enables creating accounts of suppliers, stocks, transaction specifications, and records in a safe, efficient and systematic manner. Sanela LIMS Software can be used for accurate analysis and report generation of day-to-day sale and purchases, inventory sheets and other such accounting details with minimum technical know-how.

Below are the key functions of Lab Inventory module of Sanela LIMS Software

  • Supplier Management
  • Purchases Orders
  • Stoke GRN
  • Stoke Consumption
  • Automatic Alerts


Using Sanela LIMS Software, your laboratory can conveniently outsource work to other laboratories in compliance with industry rules and regulations and collect test results. Conversely, your laboratory can receive outsourced orders and deliver the reports using the same software. Networking with other laboratories and allied industry organization is made fast, secure and reliable through Sanela LIMS Software

Below are the key functions of Outsourcing module of Sanela LIMS Software

  • Outsource Tests
  • Get Outsourced Tests

Online Booking & Multiple center's access

Service users of the laboratory can make online appointments and bookings for sample collection and tests in an easy and hassle-free manner using Sanela LIMS Software. They can have the freedom to choose a location or multiple laboratory locations and compare the prices for different centres using the software before placing orders.

Below are the key functions of Online booking module of LIMS Software

  • Online Tests booking
  • Multiple canters multiple prices
  • Appointments and Home collections


Sanela LIMS Software has the capability to generate test reports in any desired format to enable efficient service providing to your laboratory’s customers. Reports can be marked with additional features like highlighting or flagging to draw attention to important parts. Approved e-signatures can be attached to electronically delivered reports. You may set an optional time for which a report may be made available for viewing or download. In addition, Our Laboratory Management System software can be used to sequence reports to reflect a patient’s past laboratory history.

Below are the key functions of Reporting module of Sanela LIMS Software

  • Configurable Report Formats
  • Dynamic Reference Ranges
  • View Past Results


Security and Data Privacy has the highest priority for Sanela LIMS Software. In compliance with the regulations of the healthcare industry, access to sensitive data is rendered role-based. You can customize the nature of information and the screen layout visible to users of the software on the basis of whether they are in-patients, care providers, laboratory employees, and management personnel and so on. You can also restrict whether the user can add, edit, or delete order and samples in Sanela LIMS Software. This also enables you to efficiently:

Below are the key functions of Security module of Sanela LIMS Software

  • Manage Roles
  • Create and manage specific limits like, discounts limits, credit limits, cash in-hand, etc.

Management reports

You can effectively use our LIMS software to generate real-time revenue reports for one or more locations of operation as frequently as you need. You can further customize these reports to reflect details or summaries as required.

Below are the key functions of Management Reports module of Sanela LIMS Software

  • Revenue Reports from multiple locations
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports

Features of Sanela LIMS Software


An important part of managing your organization is ensuring quality control across its operations. Our unique lab decision support system ensures you are running a continuous quality check on every item used and the procedure performed in your lab.


The Inventory consumption and tracking feature of our software enable your laboratory to automate restocking of reagents and requirements in keeping with the demand of use as well as factors like expiry dates etc. This helps your laboratory to systematically eliminate wastage and cut costs.Easy integration with modules of hospitals, dental clinics , pharmacy centres makes it more effective and efficient.


Sanela LIMS Software assists to generate detailed or summary reports and organize them by accounting periods, laboratory location, employee evaluations or product categories. Timely reports make managing your laboratory easier and more efficient.


Our software comes with an easy to use automated email and SMS delivery facility which can be effectively used to send appointment reminders, payment alerts, report alerts, invoice, and other such information in a time saving and cost efficient manner.


With Sanela LIMS Software you can oversee the workings of your franchises with ease. Location-specific real-time reports on transactions, inventory and other such details can be accessed through the software centrally at any time. You can simultaneously manage multiple locations without much worry.


Sanela LIMS Software enables your lab related services to be accessible s using the mobile app for patients and health providers any time anywhere.

Benefits of using Sanela LIMS Software

Operational Efficiency - Integrating

Sanela LIMS Software into the day-to-day operations of your laboratory guarantees operational efficiency by reducing operational costs and time.Its seamless integration with all modules of hospital management system helps to improve overall efficiency of the facility.

Increased Accuracy

By digitalizing the operations and management of your laboratory using our Sanela LIMS software, you will reduce the risks of data computing errors, misplacement of sensitive data, inventory wastage and theft, and unaccounted use of in-house supplies among others.

Productivity Improvisation

Your manual force can concentrate on productivity improvisation rather than spend time on creating logs. They can direct their attention to a diverse range of activities that can enhance the functioning of your laboratory.

Increase Revenue

With Sanela LIMS Software, you have the added advantage of scalability for multi-centre and multi-device operations besides the ability to real time control and monitor all your locations from a remote centre. Consistent and efficient delivery of results will bring in regular prescriptions and referrals from doctors and existing patients, which in turn means a greater revenue generation for your business.

Patient Satisfaction

Your patients will have ease of access to the online LIMS Software and they can now complete the entire process from the comforts of their homes. From booking in-laboratory appointments to collecting home samples, from report collection to paying bills, they will have the advantage of doing everything using the software online.

Why Sanela LIMS Software?

  • Cost effective Lab
  • Information Management Software
  • Excellent customer support
  • Flexibility in customizations
  • Robust Franchise LIMS version
  • Application accessible through mobile